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CP 412252645235

 Happy New year. Those of you who have been following along will notice that I have been undertaking a series of smaller works lately. This one is my first fo the new year so I feel things are off to a good start.

I have always enjoyed coming up with interesting ways to pierce a particular shape, It is both visually interesting and a challenge to design a complex pattern to be drilled through a piece of metal, in this case Stainless steel, and then cut away and shape that material to reveal different layers of that pattern.

In this case I was able to make the pattern weave and intersect in such a way as to include a novel way of securing all of the inserted rods with mechanical fasteners. This is not always possible in all of my designs so it is a technical triumph to be able to do so.
Here is a simplified cut away to show how the hole pattern intersects with the center object laterally. As you can see there is very little room to work with. This drawing does not show the radial clearances however which were quit a bit closer than this even, but hard to display in a graphic.

This is my last new piece for a while, I am starting a rather unique and ambitious commission. The drawing above is a rather easy hint but I think I will leave the exact details until the project is completed. I suspect it will take me some time so It may be a little while before I post again, but it will be well worth the wait.