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Making the "Woody"

Just thought I would add this Process video to the blog. 

I share process images and snips of video regularly, but I rarely get to string the whole sequence together in such a complete way. Time to do so is always at a premium. On occasion, people have said I shouldn't share such things as it ruins the "magic" of the art.

Luckily, I don't believe in magic (as it is popularly conceived anyway) and feel that we do a disservice when we attribute human achievement to mysticism or mythical genius. The real beauty in everyday objects (as well as art) is the confluence of ingenuity and technology (be it high or low tech) that made them possible. 

As a person who has spent their life immersed in the arts as well as the technical fields, I can say that building a process that consistently yields an interesting, finely crafted object is an achievement on par with any inspired piece of art. It can be deceptively difficult, but if done it correctly, will look easy in the end. Please enjoy.