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Machine Art, Machined Metal Sculpture, Metal Art

In between the Holidays, I managed to find a little time to do some extra tinkering in the shop, Since I was between works, I decided to see if I could whip up something small in the short amount of time that I had available to me. Fresh off of my last piece, I decided to play around with some of the visual concepts from that particular sculpture.

So going for extra credit ( I had not planned on finishing anything else this year), I came up with this design, which for all intents and purposes is the little brother of EP631. A number of people had commented on the high polish detail from that previous piece and so I thought it might be a good exercise to single out that particular element for a small work like this. 

The design was tricky going at first, the sculpture consists of only three individual parts, all quite small, so it took about eight iterations to get it sketched out in way that I could reasonably expect to be able to build it. Looking back on it now it seems fairly simple, but I guess that is the hallmark of good design.

I did not bother with an elaborate blue print this time, just quick sketches (for me anyway) .  So here is the drawing I ended up with before beginning work. 



Machine Art, Machined Metal Sculpture, Metal Art

Happy Holidays everyone. I am wrapping up the year by sharing this Charismatic pair of works. I wanted to get the images out so I will be brief this time around with the post.

Machine Art, Machined Metal Sculpture, Metal Art

Material wise, the one on the left has a stainless Steal Body and Base, while the one on the Right is in Bronze. 

They each stand a little under 6 inches tall, owing to the Bronze and Stainless used in this piece, they are quite heavy for their size as well. 

Some topside details.

As I often do, these works are designed with removable bases.