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New book Release

New Art Book! New Art Book! New Art Book! 

As part of my upcoming exhibition at the National Museum of Industrial History (opening this January) I have been preparing a comprehensive re-issue of my Artist book. It has been nearly three years since it was last updated, so there was gobs of new work to include.

This new soft cover edition is a whopping 264 pages of machined art goodness. It includes a comprehensive chapter dedicated to all of my kinetic and pocket art projects to date. This new section has been handled with extra care, with plenty of exposition to ensure that each kinetic art project retains the necessary context to be appreciated as a bridge between the worlds of fine art, craft, and design.

Unlike previous releases of my book, which were issued through Blurb. This time I am finally (finally!) getting this done the right way. I have partnered with a very enthusiastic local printer to make sure that the print quality is exactly what I want and far superior to anything that has come before it. And because I am getting a sizable print run, the price will be far more affordable than previous printings (just $25 each). 

While there will of course be copies on hand at my show this coming January, if any of you want to get your hands on a advanced copy now, I am starting a sign up for early release now. 

I will be signing and numbering each of these advanced copies just to make them a bit more special than what the general release will be.

This book has been an ongoing project of mine, and I appreciate all of you for following what I do, it has meant everything to my work and to me, so thank you. 

And as always, comments and questions are welcome.