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This is a bit of a new one for me. This is my first small edition of works. I decided to apply my ability to do batches of parts on the CNC machines to one of my smaller scale concepts. The result is that rather than one of these, I made five. originally it was an opportunity for me to make an idea I like, and at the same time, produce some lower cost work for people who want to collect, but may find some of my "one of a kinds" a bit out of reach by spreading the cost of production across five objects (yes artist have to be practical sometimes as well). But after seeing the effect of having a small army of these little guys lined up on my desk, It is giving me something else to think about as far as visual effect. Anyway, they stand just under 4" tall on the stand, But as with a lot of my small work, I want people to hold them and handle them so it comes right off as you can see in the pictures. Look for a second small edition in a week or so as I decided to make two different ideas before I went on to some larger projects.



The title of this new work is LT732262633332524, It is based off of a design I had sketched out for a commission that never panned out a long time ago. Regardless, I kept the kernel of that idea and let it incubate for a bit until it finally emerged a few years later as a mature concept. It is my largest  (52" tall) and most likely heaviest work to date. I designed it to remove from the base post relatively easily so I could still move it about in two pieces.