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SK 433322231

Machine art, metal art, CNC art, Machining, design

It has only been a few short weeks since my last blog post, but things have been clicking rather well lately, so here I am once again with sculpture SK433322231

Machining, CNC, sculpture, Metal sculpting, CNC design,

This work is my 115th piece since I began making these machined metal sculptures thirteen or so years ago.

Abstract, machine, art, CNC design, CNC art, Metal art, Sculpture

This design was a bit of an outlier in my sketchbook, one I have been pecking at off and on for several months.

Machined, metal, anodizing, sculpture, industrial design, cnc art, CADCAM

I have been juggling a number of long term design projects and this one was sitting on a back page as sort of a pallet cleanser I would go to when I did not want to think about my more problematic designs, perhaps thats why it feels like such a departure from my more recent work.

Digital fabrication, industrial design, CNC art, metal art, Abstract sculpture

I am happy I found the time to bring this one off the page though, as it was unexpectedly, a complete joy to make. 

Machinist sculptor, Chris Bathgate, CNC art, Milling machine art, Metal lathe art

Working with the progression of stacked disks provided some instant gratification each day as the individual components were completely different from day to day, but could be programed and cut within a reasonably short length of time. I felt like I was always accomplishing something while machining this sculpture.  

CNC machined Aluminum, brass, Anodized, Metal, sculpture

 It was also nice to go back to a more subdued color palette, one where I could let the aluminum and brass shine a bit more. 

CADCAM, Digital design, Metal Sculpture, Digital fabrication, Machining, CNC

 Things have been pretty colorful lately and sometimes I prefer to work from the palette that the metals themselves provide. I did embellish with the anodized rings and tail, as well as the matte black powder on the ridges of the disks, but all and all pretty restrained. 

CNC design, machined, Metal, Sculpture, Industrial design, Digital Fabrication

Dimensions are 5.5" from nose to tail and 7.5" across from the largest points on the disks.

CAD, Schematic, blueprint design, Blueprint art, Digital Drawing, Diagram

Blueprint Drawing dimensions are 26"x22"

CAD Drawing, Digital sketch, Blueprint, design

Exploded Diagram is 13"x17"

Lots of fascinating process stuff here as well.

As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.