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Final post of the year to introduce my latest series of small works.
I have been sporadical making these small editions over the last few years. This set is my sixth and rather than making them all the exactly same as I usually do, I decided to go with different colors for each as a sort of color experiment.

As I have alluded to in earlier posts, I have been grappling with the introduction of more and more color into my work outside of the range that my base metals provide, and even with the limited pallet that I do use, I have struggled to wrap my head around how different colors effect the perception of different geometries. This series was an opportunity to try out multiple colors on the same shape so I could really get a good look at things to see where to go from here.

 I think they all turned out wonderful, but I think it was a worth while experiment.

 They each measure approximately 3" tall, by 5" long, by 2.5" wide.

As with many of my works this scale, they are removable from the base for that tactile experience. The weight on these is quite nice.

And finally a shot for scale.