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The MoTF kinetic sculpture


I know I Just posted a project two weeks ago, but art happens when it does and I have a new creation to share. The MoTF kinetic sculpture.

(if you want to pronounce it as "Motif" I wont stop you)

The genealogy of this piece is a little involved, so rather than write a long explanation, I just thought it was best to switch on the camera and ramble through it. The video above does a pretty good job demonstrating the origins of this design. 

This design was another one that seemed to take ages to crack, but I am happy with the final result and it is super satisfying to hold and actuate. 

In terms of materials, I am going to keep things simple. All stainless steel, or a brass and stainless combo is all this design wants in my opinion. 

Notes for Collectors: 

Normally, I try to work on just one project at a time. However my current project (the OoT) is occupying only two of my machines because of the constraints of that particular project. 

The rest of my toolroom is sitting idle and....well..... I think I might be able to manage a second project so long as I don't push myself too hard. So here we are.

If you would like to add one of these new kinetic works to your collection, I will be posting a sign up next Wednesday (November 17th) at 11AM EST

Production will ramp up slowly, but I am confident I can juggle two projects at once as I bring this year to a close. 

I am still working out the details and making small improvements to the design, but I'll have it sorted by next week. A link will go out to my usual accounts (Instagram, my newsletter, and this blog) at 11 AM sharp.

As always, comments and questions are welcome.