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BluePrint Drawings

New Prints and the Arrival of the Drawing Gallery

     DC Print

I've remastered all of my drawings for a new / old printing process. (sorry, but this post is a bit of a long one!)

Those of you who follow my work, know I am constantly refining the details of my sculptures through technical drawings. They represent the first step in translating my conceptual ideas into real life objects and I have posted them in many forms in this space over the years. They are integral to my creative process and serve many functions during the fabrication of my sculpture works.

        AM Print                                                                       CT Print

But one thing I have noticed while making these drawings is that an accurate drawing that one can utilize to build a sculpture is quite often, not a very interesting one to look at. I have dedicated a lot of thought to the task of producing both useful and interesting drawings at the same time. this has led me to try many different approaches over the years, some more successful than others. 

      ML Print                                                                           RN Print