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OK Last work of the year. I always try to make at least 10 works a year and I barely made it this year. I made some fairly ambitious pieces that required I put in a lot of extra time so here we are just in time.



This is my second crack at doing a small edition of works. The response to the first one was overwhelming so I guess my experiment was a success. I designed this one at the same time as the last one and had initially planned to make them both simultaneously. But logistics got in the way, so  instead, they have arrived one after the other. I am setting my sites on some larger projects for now, so this is the last of the quickies for a while. Perhaps early next year I will explore a couple more small format ideas I have.


New Project in Process

Still working on my new project so I thought I would post some images of my progress.

This piece consist of 8 spheres joined by 8 disk shaped turnbuckle style bolts to make a cube. I know that is not the best description, but I will try and take better documentation when I am a little further along.  Above are two images one is a shot of one of the spheres being fly cut to create a face for what will be the mating face of the bolts. The rotary table is tilted to just the perfect angle that I can actually cut 3 faces at perfect right angles to each other simply by rotating the sphere 120 degrees rather than squaring each face to the table and measuring them out. Took a little trig to get it set right, but it was a hug time saver. The second image is the parts pile at this time. More to come.