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Just completed another piece in what is becoming my Blue and Orange series. 

This is kind of the culmination of my earlier experiment with the Hexaptych using these sort of ribbed spherical shapes. But using anodizing to much greater effect.

The top view gives a good sense of the twist I built into the design. 
The work measures roughly 7" in diameter and is almost entirely aluminum. 
The feet, seen here are made of Stainless, 
And finally just an assembly shot.

This is my next big adventure. This wall mounted piece is going to be by far the largest thing I have ever attempted to construct. I expect it will take me a good 3 months to build and weigh in around 300 lbs.

And this is the pallet with the 600 lbs of Aluminum on it I will use to build it (gives you an idea of how much material is removed during machining). 
 I am also going to attempt a few smaller projects alongside this work to make sure I dont disappear from the world for the next 12 weeks so look for at least a few little things over the duration. 

Last but not least.

I am Pleased to announce the Publishing of my first Official Art Book

It covers a good bit of my catalogue and incudes many of the drawings that up until now, have only appeared sporadically throughout this blog. It also has a number of process photo's and even some actual word's....written by me. I tried to make it very reasonably priced so as many people as possible could own one. So please buy a copy if you are so inclined, every little bit helps to keep the lights on and the metal chips flying in the studio. There is a link to it in the Nav bar of my website or just click the link below.
(also available on Amazon.com)