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     When I started this Sculpture, it was in the waning days of February, when it was still cold outside, Now that it is the middle of April and 80 degree days are already a regular occurrence, it sure feels like it has been a lot longer than the 8 or so weeks it took me to complete this very ambitious project. But it turned out better than my wildest expectations and I am relieved I finally get a chance to share the work that I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing for so long.

     The drawing for this one turned out wonderful as well, although at over 3 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide when printed to scale, Its a little hard to view online. Most likely I will be printing them at 24"x 52" for now. But if anyone is interested in a full scale version, I might do a very limited full size printing run.

    As you can see, the entire sculpture is cantilevered, which gives it a marvelous tension, and at over 100 pounds I was a little concerned that my assumptions about the balance on this thing were correct. Luckily they were and it is quite stable even when moving it around, but the effect and gravity the piece gives off is just fantastic.

(more images and a video after the Jump)

     As you may be able to tell, This work is related to this one (WR 622). That piece was a very successful work, and I consider it to be one of my stronger pieces, but I felt like there was a lot more room in the design, and a lot more places I could go with it, so It just made sense to give it a second look and take the opportunity to explore where else I could go with it. 

   I still think it is possible that a third iteration of this design might be in the making sometime in the future, but I am already involved in a few other things at the moment, so it will have to wait for now. 

     The dimension for this work are 20"T x 37"L x 24.5" D. This work was done as a commission for a patron of mine and is slated to go on display at the Baltimore Museum of Art this fall, so if anyone would like to see it in person, and you plan to be in Baltimore this fall ( I will announce the dates at some point, but basically Sep-October-ish), do try and come by to see the show, I will be working on another quite ambitious project over the next few months for that same exhibition, but I will also be trying to make other works along side that project, as I think it will take me more than a few months to complete. 

Also, just a few choice process images

and a shot of all of the parts before I set about assembling them. 


Lastly I shot this video to show how I machine some of the anodized parts in my works for different effects. A link to a much better resolution version is here.
Hope you enjoy the new work.