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This one was a six week slog and involved lots and lots of hours of hand sanding and achy fingers but I m quite happy with the result.

As it is now it is actually sitting on my desk, although I am still deciding whether to actually make this thing a wall mounted work. I do not usually go that direction, but this one seems like it would benefit from that kind of mount, as it is the only way to really take it all in at once. I'm going to give it a little time before I decide.

The three quarter view.

And two shots from the front.

And finally this one for scale, it’s about 18" from point to point and Stands about 7" off of the Desk (or wall).

Finally just thought I'd throw in a few choice process images.

This was the Stainless steel ball I turned for the Center Piece, I polished it quite a lot as evidenced by the fact you can clearly see me in this photo.

The same piece later while I was cutting the various holes and details into. Its always a little sad to have to ruin a nicely polished sphere, but then that is not what I had set out to make so.

Some drilling I did on the base and a turning operation for the protrusions.