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The Mod 4


Introducing the Mod 4, the unexpected fourth entry in my module series.

I say unexpected because I had thought I had put this idea to bed two years ago. Well it turns out that having spent the intervening years putting my life's work to print has meant re-evaluating more than a few of my past projects. It just comes with the territory, and this particular project really stuck out for me as having one glaring missed opportunity.

The original Module tryptic consisted of magnetically assembled modular works based around three platonic solids. A tetrahedron, a hexahedron, and an octahedron. Each sculpture is composed of a simpler, smaller module that assembles into a larger composition using an array of strong magnets. 

The next shape in the platonic solid progression is a dodecahedron, a shape that has 12 faces.

Well, if you count, this piece only has ten modules, and that is because as an artist, I have the luxury to edit and change the rules however I want, and in this case, I decided to take a little detour. So while it is based on a dodecahedron, I opted for the chance to create a more interesting interior space, and so omitted two of the modular faces.

I explain all this and much more of the technical tribulations of designing this piece in the video above.

I love these module pieces because they create a lot of complexity from so few unique parts. And of course the fact that they assemble and disassemble quickly with the use of magnets is also endlessly appealing. 

The main reason however that I am pursuing this small composition now, is that I believe it will be a springboard for a larger piece I have cooking in my brain.

The size on this piece is about 2.75" from tip to tip and about 1.6" deep

I am continuing to refine this work, but I wanted to get a post out. As I write this, I am making a version in titanium to make a stronger, lighter weight piece. The magnets work perfectly fine in stainless steel, but the Titanium will lighten the piece substantially, and I believe that will be appealing in this case.

Titanium also opens up some interesting anodizing options that I am looking forward to exploring. 

At the moment, I have been tackling the very limited Ti anodizing I use with a modified (and inferior) process (limited to the usual Gold, blue, and Purple colors). 

I thought it was high time I set up a more capable titanium anodizing station, which is very different from aluminum anodizing.  This will take just a little time while I bring in supplies, but in no time I hope to have some good examples to show.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the first prototype work. 

Note to collectors: While I am hesitant to announce a pre-order without all of the pieces in place yet, but I also know some people are already chomping at the bit to add one of these pieces to their collection. So lets set a date, and then if things change, then well we all will have to adjust.

So here goes.

Sign up for this work will be Wednesday Nov 29th at 11 AM EST.

I will send out the link through my usual channels (email, the blog, IG etc)

All of the details for the sale, along with (hopefully) full specs on the Titanium version will be sorted out by then. So mark your calendars and I will have more info when the time comes.


Also an exciting update on the release of my new book! The release date has been moved up to NOV 28th! Just a week away. 

So if you get your order in now, it will be in your hands with plenty of time before the holidays. Some early pre-orders have already been delivered! 

What an unexpected surprise to even myself. I’m totally stoked! (and I never use that word, but it is the correct one)

As always comments and questions are welcome.