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Hello everyone. I am back from the shop with new work to share. This time it is a trio of little wonders simply titled the "S3C". This work is the third and final design in my "bead-like" series that I've been intermittently working on this year.


For those just joining this project, or those in need of refreshing, above is a family photo of the full series. I have taken as my starting point for this series the simple idea of the inherent difficulty in creating interesting interior space using the reductive processes inherent to machine work. In iterating around this simple challenge, I hope to build to something a little more complex in the near future.

For now these little works are excelling in more ways than one.

One of the other concepts I have tackled in this series is the use of exotic materials in various metal working circles. I have been incorporating a single different exotic materials into each new design rather than using all of them at once (as is more common). So far, I have used Superconductor for the SB312, Mokume-gane for the S2B, and now with this work, I have brought Titanium Damascus into the conversation.

I had hoped to incorporate each new material in a restrained and considered way, adapting each design to the particular challenges of its particular material. I am not sure how successful I have been in that regard, but I have enjoyed taking my time to get to know the quirks of these exotic alloys, and their limitations.

Like the name implies, Titanium Damascus is a composite material that is forged much like Mokume-gane or other Damascus steels, only it uses two different grades of titanium alloy. This composite, when subject to heat bluing, exhibits a coloration that is quite striking and unique.

Here is a link that gives a little more detail on the origin of Titanium Damascus, but mostly if you try and search it, what you will find is a slew of products and decorative pieces for sale that are made with the material. To call it trendy is a bit of an understatement, and its commercial potential is spreading much faster than useful information about it. But there is no arguing that it is a beautiful material

In terms of machining, it is a pretty difficult material to work with. Titanium is generally challenging, but add to that a composite material with varying hardness and things only become even more so. Additionally there is a bit more danger in that if a cutter becomes dull or breaks, things can get too hot quickly and titanium can actually catch fire (and metal fires are no joke). So you can see why this is a material to be taken seriously. 

I don't love the idea of using large quantities of this material in my home shop on a regular basis because familiarity breed mistakes, but at this point in my career, the exceptions are what I live for and I know how to be careful.

But, with a little extra care, patience and more than a few added precautions, I am confident I can handle this project without burning my house down in the name of my art. But it never hurts to say these things out loud to make sure that they sound like they are true. Anyway, I digress. 

I don't want to ramble on too long with my keyboard, so I decided to switch on a camera and ramble a bit there instead. I hope it serves the same purpose. See the demonstration video above to learn more about how the work is assembled and some other little process tidbits.

As ever, I appreciate all of you who continue to take an interest in my work. Your comments and questions are always welcome. For those who collect, there are notes at the bottom of the post.

Dimensions of the piece are approximately 3" Diameter by 2" deep.

Notes for collectors: As with the other two works in the series, I will be offering this design up as a one time limited edition. The sale of these works will be a pre-order with work to begin a few weeks after the sign up closes.

Pricing is going to be a little bit tricky for this work because it is both a larger work, and one with a few variables in terms of material selection.

The body of this work is machined in 6061 Aluminum and then anodized, you will have a wide choice of colors for the body of the work.

The screw details on the work will only be available in stainless steel (this is my artistic decision)

The inner rods will be available in either stainless steel, or brass (this is my artistic decision)

The outer (I am calling them "fingers" ) will be available in either Stainless steel, Brass, or Titanium Damascus. This selection will effect the price of the work as Titanium Damascus is a considerably more expensive and time consuming material to work.

I do not post pricing on publicly facing media, but I will have all relevant details and pricing sorted out by the time the sign up begins and it will be listed at the sign up link.

The sign up will go live on Monday November 7th at 11 AM EST. I will post the sign up link to my email newsletter, here on the blog, as well as on my instagram page.

Thank you and appreciate your support for my work.