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Metal, Sculpture, Machining, Art, Industrial, Skulpture

 Hello everyone, I wanted to put my latest creation out into the world, but in a little break from tradition, I think this month I will forgo the longer write up. Partly because I have a few too many irons in the fire, but I also think the process photos tell a pretty good story all by themselves. So enjoy!

Machine, art, Metal, Sculpture, Abstract, Digital, Fabrication, Industrial, design

Dimensions are 4"x6"x6"

CNC, art, Machined, Metal,Sculpture, Digital, Fabrication, Design

Metal, Art, Machinist, Sculpture, Industrial, Design, Machine, CADCAM

CNC, Art, Design, Engineering, Sculpture, Metal, Fabrication

Machine, Art, Digital, Design, Industrial, Sculpture, CNC, Machining,

CAD, CADCAM, AutoCAD, Blueprint, Technical, Schematic, Art, Print

Technical, Assembly, Print, Sculpture, Design

CNC, Machining


CNC, Machining, Image

Metal, Turning

CNC, Lathe

Interrupted, cut, turning

parts, pile

Anodizing, rack

Anodizing, remachining


 As always, comments and questions are welcome

See you next sculpture.