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Machine Art, Machined Metal Sculpture, Metal Art

Happy Holidays everyone. I am wrapping up the year by sharing this Charismatic pair of works. I wanted to get the images out so I will be brief this time around with the post.

Machine Art, Machined Metal Sculpture, Metal Art

Material wise, the one on the left has a stainless Steal Body and Base, while the one on the Right is in Bronze. 

They each stand a little under 6 inches tall, owing to the Bronze and Stainless used in this piece, they are quite heavy for their size as well. 

Some topside details.

As I often do, these works are designed with removable bases. 

The drawing for this one turned out well despite being a fairly simple work with limited parts. The format for this continues to evolve, I am starting to transition back to favoring some of the digital versions more than the blue prints, which limit me to two tone color. Who knows where this is going but I continue to enjoy making them. I will be producing an actual Diazo print for this very soon.

One more little detail. I took the liberty of polishing the center detail much more than usual, it is a good effect in this composition, though I usually avoid over polishing in general as I do not want the form to be obscured by an over chromed look, it creates a great focal point in this instance. You can see me behind the camera if you look closely enough. 

Anyhow, enjoy and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments. See you again in the new year.