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Digital Fabrication, Machined Metal Sculpture, Industrial Art
I am glad to finally post pictures of my newest piece, this is my first largish work in quite a while, so hopefully it will not disappoint. I have been toying with this design for what seems like years, although I believe I first laid down the sketch earlier this spring while working on my chess set commission.

Digital Fabrication, Machined Metal Sculpture, Industrial Art

Since that time, I have committed myself to learning to use a number of different 3D design programs and this work in particular became one of my main test designs. Because of that, I have rendered and re-rendered this piece dozens of times using different techniques and formats while I became comfortable with each new piece of software. I even 3D printed a model of this sculpture a number of times on the custom printer I have been building. So from a planning perspective, I don't think I have ever had a sculpture design planned out in such great detail before even beginning work. In the end, all I had to do was find the time and I was practically able to build it from memory.

Digital Fabrication, Machined Metal Sculpture, Industrial Art

As useful as this piece was in helping me learn some new design tools, I also think as a sculpture, it turned out quite wonderful. Those of you who follow the blog regularly will remember I had worked a small color test into my last series in anticipation of using this red color for the first time. That turned out to have been a worth while time investment as the color came out excellent. The color is Bordeaux red, as the name implies it is the color of red wine. If your monitor is skewing the color towards purple, I can assure you it is not actually that way in person, it is a wonderfully rich, deep red.

Digital Fabrication, Machined Metal Sculpture, Industrial Art

The final dimensions of the work are 14" tall by 13" Diameter. It is incredibly solid and weighs just a tad over 40 pounds, which is quite heavy given its size.

Digital Fabrication, BluePrint, Industrial Art

I know I have posted this drawing a number of times in a few different formats, but it just isn't a sculpture post if I do not include the drawing. This is the Master from which I make all of my new Diazo prints. I hope you like the new work and comments are welcome.