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A New Edition

Thought I would post my newest work. I made three of these little gems and they are directly related to some of the geometry I am using in my current large project (to be completed by the end of the year).

When I work on larger projects I am always left with the feeling I am not accomplishing anything because of the long period of time it takes to complete. So I figured I would work a smaller project into the middle of the process so I would have something to show for myself at the half way point. Much of the geometry for this is derived from that project in some form or another.

As with most of my editions, I designed it to come off the base so that it can be appreciated as a compact object. 

I shot a short video
Me and a friend were playing around with video documenting some of my processes and took some footage while turning the tops of this edition. And seeing as it was from this piece, I thought I would post a link to it in case some of you were interested in seeing it. . Its not the most exciting thing you will ever see, but it is gratifying to watch the chips peel off.  Process Video Link

Here is a peek at the piece that Is well underway in my shop. I have been working on it for over a month already and have a big pile of parts, but there are a few weeks to go. So look for it by the end of the year.