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New Project in Process

Still working on my new project so I thought I would post some images of my progress.

This piece consist of 8 spheres joined by 8 disk shaped turnbuckle style bolts to make a cube. I know that is not the best description, but I will try and take better documentation when I am a little further along.  Above are two images one is a shot of one of the spheres being fly cut to create a face for what will be the mating face of the bolts. The rotary table is tilted to just the perfect angle that I can actually cut 3 faces at perfect right angles to each other simply by rotating the sphere 120 degrees rather than squaring each face to the table and measuring them out. Took a little trig to get it set right, but it was a hug time saver. The second image is the parts pile at this time. More to come.